Running DB queries against MongoDB

Hi Team , To load test db queries against mongo db , i see this extension which is available GitHub - GhMartingit/xk6-mongo but i don’t see any documentation or anything on how to use this in the script . Which module to import and sample example . Can some one help with this . Not much info is available on this .

Hi @Shabd,

The extension you linked to as well as this one seem to have very limited functionality.

In practice neither of them have more than insert and find functions, which seem to not be enough for you.

You can see the example script here on how the one you linked is supposed to be used.

None of those are maintained by me or (AFAIK) anyone else on the k6 OSS team. I am also not aware of any of their maintainers are on the forum, so you might be better served by writing an issue directly in the given projects.

I have no idea if mongoDB (haven’t really used it) has some kind of HTTP endpoint that can be used to trigger this - you can use that.

Seems like might be it but I am not sure.

Hope this helps you

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Thanks @mstoykov for the reply . Yes that plugin as limited functionality . I used Jmeter to do that testing . It would be good if we can incorporate such capability in k6 as well.