Running k6 against influxdbv2

Hi, has anyone managed to get the influxdbv2 community extension working?

I just get the following error:

ERRO[0001] invalid output type 'influxdbv2', available types are: cloud, csv, datadog, influxdb, json, kafka, statsd

And I’m hoping I’m just doing something stupid…

Hi @larchie ,

Given that the README says:

k6 run ./test.js --out influxdbv2

and it should be

./k6 run ./test.js --out influxdbv2

I would guess that is it ?

What xk6 does is build a completely new k6 binary with the extension and put that in the current directory as k6 but k6 run ... will just run whatever k6 you have installed normally (in layman terms, it’s technically w/e is in your PATH, which is unlikely to have your local directory) while the second one will run the one in the current directory.

Hope this helps you

Hi @mstoykov yes, I know about that unfortunately, I am definitely running the build with the extension (see attached image).

Have you successfully built and run k6 with this extension?

Can you try to build with this fork GitHub - ar-ne/xk6-influxdbv2: A k6 extension output to influxdb. ?

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Thanks, that fixed that problem.

However I’m now getting other issues, so I’m going to continue to investigate…

Seems to be all good now, thanks!