Run tests sequentially


I tried some different approaches, but I want to executed one test after another and not parallel.

I tried with group and without groups

export default function () {
group('Sign in', () => {

group('Sign out', () => {


I could archive this only with scenarios and add a startTime. Is there a possibility to run tests sequentially or was is this a specific purpose that this doesn’t work?


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Hi there, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As you’ve found out there’s not an easy way to accomplish this yet. Multiple scenarios with startTime is relevant, but not really helpful for running them sequentially.

You can follow issue #1342 for updates about this. One workaround you could try is to run multiple k6 run commands from a shell script, though that’s not that ideal. There’s no ETA for this issue yet, but it’s high on our priority list and we’ll consider it for upcoming releases.

Thanks @imiric

Then we wait until the next release