Router/switch-Interface utilization

HI Team,
Is there any way to get interface utilization of cisco routers and switch .please let me know if we have any dashboard or config for the same

This is not really a Grafana question.

Grafana neither collects nor stores data. It takes data from a back-end data
store Data sources | Grafana Labs and displays it for

You need another tool to acquire the data you are interested in and put it
into that data store.

Somebody here may have done something similar to what you are asking about and
may therefore be able to suggest what that tool could be, but what you’re
asking about doing is not one of Grafana’s functions.


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My Question is to get a exact query to get the interface utilization of the interfaces in Grafana dashboard. By using SNMP oids we are already sending the metrics to InfluxDB and have integrated the influx with GRAFANA, nw we need exact query to get the utilization graph.

Search the dashboards copy panels and queries you like?