Rigth-Y with MySQL does not work

Hi guys.

Data Source: MySQL 5.5
Grafana Version: 6.0.1

I am struggling to show two types of metrics in the same plot. I want to show as the next image (vUsers and avg response time).

In my testings, Grafana only shows the left Y but right / does not show it (even splitting the query in two). A few years ago I had worked with Graphite and these were easy to configure. Do you know if it is possible with MySQL as a data source?

Here more info.


You need to use series override to achieve this. On the first options group (above Axes options), click on “Add series override”, choose your serie name in the dropdown, click on + > Y-Axis > 2 and it should work! You can keep everything in a single query returning multiple series.

Here a quick screenshot of a series override doing what you want:

Thanks, It is just I want.