Retain Data for more than 1 day

I have successfully linked Sensu with grafana and all the metrics and graph are all showing up fine. This was done by adding the datasource “graphite” since graphite comes in with sensu. Now my problem is the data in the graph are only displayed for one day and not more than that. I’m unable to view the graph of 1 week data or anything more than 1 day. How Can I do this? I referred few links and came up with a conclusion that this can done by “Dashoard settings --> General --> Time Options --> Auto-Refresh --> 7d,30d” . I’m not sure whether this is the workaround. Can anyone suggest whether this method will do or is there any other way to do this.

Grafana does not store any metric data, you need to change your Graphite retention config

So retention config in the sense changing the “storage-schemas.conf” present in /opt/graphite. But I just have one doubt here does editing this file require a restart of graphite or grafana? Because a default commented line in the file states " This file is scanned for changes every 60 seconds." According to this line it is not required. But correct me if I’m wrong