RESTAPI to SQL and GRAFANA -> Elevate Your Grafana Dashboards with InDriver: A Comprehensive API Integration Solution

Hey Grafana Enthusiasts!

:rocket: Introducing InDriver: Your All-in-One API Integration Solution for Grafana Dashboards!

Are you ready to take your Grafana dashboards to the next level? Look no further! I want to share an incredible tool with the Grafana community – InDriver. :globe_with_meridians:

Why InDriver? InDriver goes beyond the traditional RESTAPI support, offering a suite of APIs for diverse data sources. Now, effortlessly integrate ModbusAPI, SerialPortAPI, FileAPI, SocketAPI, and TimeSeriesAPI into your Grafana dashboards. No more limitations – explore new possibilities!

Free for Non-Commercial Use Here’s the exciting part – InDriver is absolutely free for non-commercial use! :tada:

Get Started Today! Ready to transform your Grafana experience?

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Why InDriver?

  • Versatility: Support for a wide range of APIs
  • User-Friendly: Simple and intuitive setup
  • Free: Ideal for non-commercial projects

Whether you’re into RESTAPI, Modbus, SerialPort, Files, Sockets, or Time Series, InDriver has you covered! Elevate your Grafana dashboards effortlessly.

Get Started Today! Feel the power of InDriver.

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:globe_with_meridians: :globe_with_meridians: