Rest password (all accounts)

Somehow my password changed ( for the second time). Anyone who can help me ?
I logged in with putty to root and then used this code : docker exec -ti <container_name> grafana-cli admin reset-admin-password mypass@123 . I get the message that my admin pass is changed, but I cant log in with it …

Hi @faecon,

Welcome to the :grafana: community support forums !!

:warning: If your password is changing without your conscious then this is really very alarming as someone else might have access to your server and can do harm it. (please consult a server administrator to protect it).

Regarding the question of resetting passwords. I recently worked on a similar case and you can view this post as the user provided a very nice alternative method to reset passwords via the Database.

Let us know if this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply. I will check it tonight.

i am pretty sure no one is hacking my device, but thanks for mentioning

I get “unable to upen database file” :frowning: