Reports: scrape all logs plus dashboard screenshots/pages with FOSS Grafana

Is it possible, using the Grafana tool (FOSS in particular), to generate a report including:

  • A collection of all K8S logs (i.e. produced by Loki and kubectl logs ...) in a tarball.
  • A collection of specific Grafana dashboards, plots/graphs, etc.; either as an HTML + PNG bundle, or as a PDF?

The idea is to have a specific failure case I can detect (i.e. mission critical application/pod crashes), and when this happens, a giant tarball with all logging plus dashboard data is dumped to a file which the customer can send to me for support.

So far, it seems like this is supported, but only for Grafana Enterprise. If that’s the case, would there be anything preventing me from adding this functionality to Grafana myself (i.e. pull requests), or would it be declined due to it potentially competing with an Enterprise feature (i.e. assuming the code quality was adequate)? The products I sell (i.e. clusters of dev boards, including Raspberry Pi 3/4 units) are sold as one-off purchases, with Grafana added for power-users to be able to debug the device. Having to pay for a recurring Grafana enterprise license for each customer would rapidly eat up the profits made on the sale of each device, so I need to figure out a free (as in beer) approach to getting reports out of Grafana while remaining compliant with the license.

Thank you.