Repeating panels and rows don't show data

Hey guys, I’ve not managed to find someone with a similar issue;

I am using Cloudwatch as a datasource (not sure if it’s relevant) and set up a template view that consists of 3 rows, each with a single graph on them. Each graph has the “repeat panel” selection based on AWS Lambda Function name (which is a multi-select variable).

When I only have 1 option selected, it works great, graphs on all rows have data. If I select a second or third from the list, all panels show “No Data Points”. Go back to 1 selection and they stay empty, but if I refresh the page (built-in fresh button doesn’t fix it) they repopulate with data, (Page refresh fix doesn’t work with multiple options).

Grafana Version 4.6.3

It’s very odd, any ideas?

This may actually be a configuration issue on my end, I just noticed when it “appears” that the first row works, it’s actually populating all the graphs with the same values so they are identical, despite being named dynamically.

Edit 2 Okay, did some investigating and I hadn’t filled the graph on the first row using the template variable, now I have none of the graphs work when multiselect. I have updated the main question.

multi valued variables & cloudwatch is not working in v4.6.3 , fix coming in v5

Ah, Thank you! Did I just miss a list of known issues somewhere?