Removing Dashboard

Hi All - Wondering if anyone has tips on removing the public snapshots. I was doing some testing right before logging off and seemed to lost every trace of the snapshot in my instance, though still seeing the public URL. Unfortunately the expire is set at 50 years and I’m hoping not to wait that long ;).

Appreciate the assistance.


It is not currently possible to remove snapshots from the public server. We can remove snapshots manually if it is sensitive data that got snapshotted by mistake.

Hi, I export a sensitive snapshot on the public serveur, Could you help me ? Thanks Mathieu

@molineris can you send a private message to me here with the link and I will delete it for you.

Hi Daniel,

Can you explain me how to send you private message.



Click on my user and press the Message button:

Sorry but the Message Button is not displayed on your profile. I specify that I’m connected and not on anonymous mode.


Having the same problem.
“delete snapshot” says “unexpected error”. I wrote to support but no feedback.

Hi, I would like to do this as well but I can’t message you @daniellee

Hi daniellee,
could you delete to snapshots for me?

Sure. Send me a private message with the details.

Great, but Im having some trouble to find the way to send you a private message

I sent you a private message that you should be able to reply to.

Hi Daniellee,

Like to get a link removed also. Please pm me so i can respond with the link

Done - you should have got a message from me.

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Yes! thanks for removing @daniellee !

Hi @daniellee.

Can you remove a snapshot for me? I can´t send to you a private message.

Aloha @daniellee I also have a snapshot I would love to have removed.

Hi @daniellee I additionally have a snapshot needing to be removed. Plz message asap. Thanks

Hi Daniel ( @daniellee )

Can you help me get a link removed?
Please pm me and I’ll send you the link.
Many thanks!