Removal of "You are invited to check an incident" wording from SMS OnCall Alert Message


New to Grafana and OnCall. I have SMS and phone call alerting setup and working. However I can’t see a way to change what the SMS (or phone call) messages say. I have been into the “Alert Templates” section of the OnCall integration and changed the SMS template “Title” to

{{ payload.get("annotations", {}).get("Server", "Server undefined") }} {{ payload.get("annotations", {}).get("summary", "summary undefined") }}

This adds the correct values to the middle of the SMS message but the message always starts with

You are invited to check out an incident #x with title “yyyy” in Grafana OnCall organisation “self_hosted_stack”

How do I get rid of all the unwanted text?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the :grafana: community @chris4691

It looks like this has been requested already. You are welcome to share your feedback in there so it reaches the people maintaining OnCall

Thanks @antonio