Reload of dynamic image isn't working


version: grafana enterprise (w/o license) 9.1.0, raspi4

I’ve a png image, which is periodical recreated from shell and overwritten with same file name (e.g. every 5 min).
I’ve tested several plugins over the time and grafana versions. An older combination was working fine, but over the updates the function was broken.

Actually I’m using the Text Panel with content:
<img src="/public/img/longforecast.png" width="1100" height="65" >

The autostart file for pi user starts the chromium browser with command line:
@/usr/bin/chromium-browser --noerrdialogs --disable-translate --kiosk http://localhost:3000/d/xxx/wetterstation05?orgId=1&refresh=5m&kiosk in kiosk mode with refresh 5min.

The image is shown, but w/o update. It seems that the original image at grafana start time is cached all over the time :frowning:

Maybe I’m using the false plugin for this? Anyone have a better suggestion?

Many thanks


@delphi99 I don’t have an answer for you, but I did find this PR where it seems that kiosk mode is getting a lot of updates that could make it more reliable: