Release Notes v6.7.x

Grafana v6.7 brings new features, many enhancements and bug fixes.

Grafana v6.7 comes with a lot of new features and enhancements:

Breaking changes

  • Slack: Removed Mention setting and instead introduce Mention Users, Mention Groups, and Mention Channel. The first two settings require user and group IDs, respectively. This change was necessary because the way of mentioning via the Slack API changed and mentions in Slack notifications no longer worked.

  • Alerting: Reverts the behavior of diff and percent_diff to not always be absolute. Something we introduced by mistake in 6.1.0. Alerting now support diff(), diff_abs(), percent_diff() and percent_diff_abs(). #21338

Notice about changes in backendSrv for plugin authors

In our mission to migrate away from AngularJS to React we have removed all AngularJS dependencies in the core data retrieval service backendSrv.

Removing the AngularJS dependencies in backendSrv has the unfortunate side effect of AngularJS digest no longer being triggered for any request made with backendSrv. Because of this, external plugins using backendSrv directly may suffer from strange behaviour in the UI.

To remedy this issue, as a plugin author you need to trigger the digest after a direct call to backendSrv.


backendSrv.get(‘http://your.url/api’).then(result => {
    this.result = result;

You can test your plugin with the master branch version of Grafana.

6.7.6 (2021-03-18)

Bug fixes

  • Security: Fix API permissions issues related to team-sync CVE-2021-28147. (Enterprise)
  • Security: Usage insights requires signed in users CVE-2021-28148. (Enterprise)

6.7.4 (2020-06-03)

  • Security: Urgent security patch release. Please read more in our blog

6.7.3 (2020-04-23)

Bug Fixes

  • Admin: Fix Synced via LDAP message for non-LDAP external users. #23477, @alexanderzobnin
  • Alerting: Fixes notifications for alerts with empty message in Google Hangouts notifier. #23559, @hugohaggmark
  • AuthProxy: Fixes bug where long username could not be cached… #22926, @jcmcken
  • Dashboard: Fix saving dashboard when editing raw dashboard JSON model. #23314, @peterholmberg
  • Dashboard: Try to parse 8 and 15 digit numbers as timestamps if parsing of time range as date fails. #21694, @jessetan
  • DashboardListPanel: Fixed problem with empty panel after going into edit mode (General folder filter being automatically added) . #23426, @torkelo
  • Data source: Handle datasource withCredentials option properly. #23380, @hvtuananh
  • Security: Fix annotation popup XSS vulnerability #23813, @torkelo. Big thanks to Juha Laaksonen for reporting this issue.
  • Security: Fix XSS vulnerability in table panel #23816, @torkelo. Big thanks to Rotem Reiss for reporting this issue.
  • Server: Exit Grafana with status code 0 if no error. #23312, @aknuds1
  • TablePanel: Fix XSS issue in header column rename (backport). #23814, @torkelo
  • Variables: Fixes error when setting adhoc variable values. #23580, @hugohaggmark

6.7.2 (2020-04-01)

Bug Fixes

  • BackendSrv: Adds config to response to fix issue for external plugins that used this property . #23032, @torkelo
  • Dashboard: Fixed issue with saving new dashboard after changing title . #23104, @dprokop
  • DataLinks: make sure we use the correct datapoint when dataset contains null value… #22981, @mckn
  • Plugins: Fixed issue for plugins that imported dateMath util . #23069, @mckn
  • Security: Fix for dashboard snapshot original dashboard link could contain XSS vulnerability in url. #23254, @torkelo. Big thanks to Ahmed A. Sherif for reporting this issue.
  • Variables: Fixes issue with too many queries being issued for nested template variables after value change. #23220, @torkelo
  • Plugins: Expose promiseToDigest. #23249, @torkelo
  • Reporting (Enterprise): Fixes issue updating a report created by someone else

6.7.1 (2020-03-20)

Bug Fixes

  • Azure: Fixed dropdowns not showing current value. #22914, @torkelo
  • BackendSrv: only add content-type on POST, PUT requests. #22910, @hugohaggmark
  • Panels: Fixed size issue with panel internal size when exiting panel edit mode. #22912, @torkelo
  • Reporting: fixes migrations compatibility with mysql (Enterprise)
  • Reporting: Reduce default concurrency limit to 4 (Enterprise)

6.7.0 (2020-03-19)

Features / Enhancements

  • AzureMonitor: support workspaces function for template variables. #22882, @daniellee
  • SQLStore: Add migration for adding index on annotation.alert_id. #22876, @aknuds1
  • TablePanel: Enable new units picker . #22833, @dprokop

Bug Fixes

  • AngularPanels: Fixed inner height calculation for angular panels . #22796, @torkelo
  • BackendSrv: makes sure provided headers are correctly recognized and set. #22778, @hugohaggmark
  • Forms: Fix input suffix position (caret-down in Select) . #22780, @torkelo
  • Graphite: Fixed issue with query editor and next select metric now showing after selecting metric node . #22856, @torkelo
  • Rich History: UX adjustments and fixes. #22729, @ivanahuckova

6.7.0-beta1 (2020-03-12)

Features / Enhancements

  • API: Include IP address when logging request error. #21596, @thedeveloperr
  • Alerting: Support passing tags to Pagerduty and allow notification on specific event categories . #21335, @johntdyer
  • Chore: Remove angular dependency from backendSrv. #20999, @kaydelaney
  • CloudWatch: Surround dimension names with double quotes. #22222, @jeet-parekh
  • CloudWatch: updated metrics and dimensions for Athena, DocDB, and Route53Resolver. #22604, @jeet-parekh
  • Cloudwatch: add Usage Metrics. #22179, @passing
  • Dashboard: Adds support for a global minimum dashboard refresh interval. #19416, @lfroment0
  • DatasourceEditor: Add UI to edit custom HTTP headers. #17846, @adrien-f
  • Elastic: To get fields, start with today’s index and go backwards. #22318, @ChadiEM
  • Explore: Rich history. #22570, @ivanahuckova
  • Graph: canvas’s Stroke is executed after loop. #22610, @merturl
  • Graphite: Don’t issue empty “select metric” queries. #22699, @papagian
  • Image Rendering: Store render key in remote cache to enable renderer to callback to public/load balancer URL when running in HA mode. #22031, @marefr
  • LDAP: Add fallback to search_base_dns if group_search_base_dns is undefined… #21263, @bb-Ricardo
  • OAuth: Implement Azure AD provide. #20030, @twendt
  • Prometheus: Implement region annotation. #22225, @secustor
  • Prometheus: make $__range more precise. #21722, @bmerry
  • Promethus: Do not show rate hint when increase function is used in query. #21955, @fredwangwang
  • Stackdriver: Project selector. #22447, @sunker
  • TablePanel: display multi-line text. #20210, @michael-az
  • Templating: Add new global built-in variables. #21790, @dcastanier
  • Reporting: add concurrent render limit to settings (Enterprise)
  • Reporting: Add rendering timeout in settings (Enterprise)

Bug Fixes

  • API: Fix redirect issues. #22285, @papagian
  • Alerting: Don’t include image_url field with Slack message if empty. #22372, @aknuds1
  • Alerting: Fixed bad background color for default notifications in alert tab . #22660, @krvajal
  • Annotations: In table panel when setting transform to annotation, they will now show up right away without a manual refresh. #22323, @krvajal
  • Azure Monitor: Fix app insights source to allow for new __timeFrom and __timeTo. #21879, @ChadNedzlek
  • BackendSrv: Fixes POST body for form data. #21714, @hugohaggmark
  • CloudWatch: Credentials cache invalidation fix. #22473, @sunker
  • CloudWatch: Expand alias variables when query yields no result. #22695, @sunker
  • Dashboard: Fix bug with NaN in alerting. #22053, @a-melnyk
  • Explore: Fix display of multiline logs in log panel and explore. #22057, @thomasdraebing
  • Heatmap: Legend color range is incorrect when using custom min/max. #21748, @sv5d
  • Security: Fixed XSS issue in dashboard history diff . #22680, @torkelo
  • StatPanel: Fixes base color is being used for null values .
    #22646, @torkelo

Grafana 6.7 comes with a lot of new features and enhancements:

  • Data source: Google Sheets data source

I can not find it (Google Sheets data source) …?

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Please let me know if it has been set up. I don’t understand the description of how to generate the API keys for this.