Release Notes v6.4.x

Grafana v6.4 brings new features, many enhancements and bug fixes.

6.4.5 (2019-11-25)

Bug Fixes

  • CloudWatch: Fix high CPU load #20579

6.4.4 (2019-11-06)

Bug Fixes

  • DataLinks: Fix blur issues. #19883, @aocenas
  • Docker: Makes it possible to parse timezones in the docker image. #20081, @xlson
  • LDAP: All LDAP servers should be tried even if one of them returns a connection error. #20077, @jongyllen
  • LDAP: No longer shows incorrectly matching groups based on role in debug page. #20018, @xlson
  • Singlestat: Fix no data / null value mapping . #19951, @ryantxu

6.4.3 (2019-10-16)

Bug Fixes

  • Alerting: All notification channels should send even if one fails to send. #19807, @jan25
  • AzureMonitor: Fix slate interference with dropdowns. #19799, @aocenas
  • ContextMenu: make ContextMenu positioning aware of the viewport width. #19699, @krvajal
  • DataLinks: Fix context menu not showing in singlestat-ish visualisations. #19809, @dprokop
  • DataLinks: Fix url field not releasing focus. #19804, @aocenas
  • Datasource: Fixes clicking outside of some query editors required 2 clicks. #19822, @aocenas
  • Panels: Fixes default tab for visualizations without Queries Tab. #19803, @hugohaggmark
  • Singlestat: Fixed issue with mapping null to text. #19689, @torkelo
  • @grafana/toolkit: Don’t fail plugin creation when git config is not set. #19821, @dprokop
  • @grafana/toolkit: TSLint line number off by 1. #19782, @fredwangwang

6.4.2 (2019-10-08)

Bug Fixes

  • CloudWatch: Changes incorrect dimension wmlid to wlmid . #19679, @ATTron
  • Grafana Image Renderer: Fixes plugin page. #19664, @hugohaggmark
  • Graph: Fixes auto decimals logic for y axis ticks that results in too many decimals for high values. #19618, @torkelo
  • Graph: Switching to series mode should re-render graph. #19623, @torkelo
  • Loki: Fix autocomplete on label values. #19579, @aocenas
  • Loki: Removes live option for logs panel. #19533, @davkal
  • Profile: Fix issue with user profile not showing more than sessions sessions in some cases. #19578, @huynhsamha
  • Prometheus: Fixes so results in Panel always are sorted by query order. #19597, @hugohaggmark
  • ShareQuery: Fixed issue when using – Dashboard – datasource (to share query result) when dashboard had rows. #19610, @torkelo
  • Show SAML login button if SAML is enabled. #19591, @papagian
  • SingleStat: Fixes $__name postfix/prefix usage. #19687, @hugohaggmark
  • Table: Proper handling of json data with dataframes. #19596, @marefr
  • Units: Fixed wrong id for Terabits/sec. #19611, @andreaslangnevyjel

6.4.1 (2019-10-02)

Bug Fixes

  • Provisioning: Fixed issue where empty nested keys in YAML provisioning caused server crash, #19547
  • ImageRendering: Fixed issue with image rendering in enterprise build (Enterprise)
  • Reporting: Fixed issue with reporting service when STMP disabled (Enterprise).

6.4.0 (2019-10-01)

Features / Enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • CLI: Fix version selection for plugin install. #19498, @aocenas
  • Graph: Fixes minor issue with series override color picker and custom color . #19516, @torkelo

6.4.0-beta2 (2019-09-25)

Features / Enhancements

  • Azure Monitor: Remove support for cross resource queries (#19115)". #19346, @sunker
  • Docker: Upgrade packages to resolve reported vulnerabilities. #19188, @marefr
  • Graphite: Time range expansion reduced from 1 minute to 1 second. #19246, @torkelo
  • grafana/toolkit: Add plugin creation task. #19207, @dprokop

Bug Fixes

  • Alerting: Prevents creating alerts from unsupported queries. #19250, @hugohaggmark
  • Alerting: Truncate PagerDuty summary when greater than 1024 characters. #18730, @nvllsvm
  • Cloudwatch: Fix autocomplete for Gamelift dimensions. #19146, @kevinpz
  • Dashboard: Fix export for sharing when panels use default data source. #19315, @torkelo
  • Database: Rewrite system statistics query to perform better. #19178, @papagian
  • Gauge/BarGauge: Fix issue with [object Object] in titles . #19217, @ryantxu
  • MSSQL: Revert usage of new connectionstring format introduced by #18384. #19203, @marefr
  • Multi-LDAP: Do not fail-fast on invalid credentials. #19261, @gotjosh
  • MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL: Fix validating query with template variables in alert . #19237, @marefr
  • MySQL, Postgres: Update raw sql when query builder updates. #19209, @marefr
  • MySQL: Limit datasource error details returned from the backend. #19373, @marefr

6.4.0-beta1 (2019-09-17)


Features / Enhancements

  • API: Readonly datasources should not be created via the API. #19006, @papagian
  • Alerting: Include configured AlertRuleTags in Webhooks notifier. #18233, @dominic-miglar
  • Annotations: Add annotations support to Loki. #18949, @aocenas
  • Annotations: Use a single row to represent a region. #17673, @ryantxu
  • Auth: Allow inviting existing users when login form is disabled. #19048, @548017
  • Azure Monitor: Add support for cross resource queries. #19115, @sunker
  • CLI: Allow installing custom binary plugins. #17551, @aocenas
  • Dashboard: Adds Logs Panel (alpha) as visualization option for Dashboards. #18641, @hugohaggmark
  • Dashboard: Reuse query results between panels . #16660, @ryantxu
  • Dashboard: Set time to to 23:59:59 when setting To time using calendar. #18595, @simPod
  • DataLinks: Add DataLinks support to Gauge, BarGauge and SingleStat2 panel. #18605, @ryantxu
  • DataLinks: Enable access to labels & field names. #18918, @torkelo
  • DataLinks: Enable multiple data links per panel. #18434, @dprokop
  • Docker: switch docker image to alpine base with phantomjs support. #18468, @DanCech
  • Elasticsearch: allow templating queries to order by doc_count. #18870, @hackery
  • Explore: Add throttling when doing live queries. #19085, @aocenas
  • Explore: Adds ability to go back to dashboard, optionally with query changes. #17982, @kaydelaney
  • Explore: Reduce default time range to last hour. #18212, @davkal
  • Gauge/BarGauge: Support decimals for min/max. #18368, @ryantxu
  • Graph: New series override transform constant that renders a single point as a line across the whole graph. #19102, @davkal
  • Image rendering: Add deprecation warning when PhantomJS is used for rendering images. #18933, @papagian
  • InfluxDB: Enable interpolation within ad-hoc filter values. #18077, @kvc-code
  • LDAP: Allow an user to be synchronized against LDAP. #18976, @gotjosh
  • Ldap: Add ldap debug page. #18759, @peterholmberg
  • Loki: Remove prefetching of default label values. #18213, @davkal
  • Metrics: Add failed alert notifications metric. #18089, @koorgoo
  • OAuth: Support JMES path lookup when retrieving user email. #14683, @bobmshannon
  • OAuth: return GitLab groups as a part of user info (enable team sync). #18388, @alexanderzobnin
  • Panels: Add unit for electrical charge - ampere-hour. #18950, @anirudh-ramesh
  • Plugin: AzureMonitor - Reapply MetricNamespace support. #17282, @raphaelquati
  • Plugins: better warning when plugins fail to load. #18671, @ryantxu
  • Postgres: Add support for scram sha 256 authentication. #18397, @nonamef
  • RemoteCache: Support SSL with Redis. #18511, @kylebrandt
  • SingleStat: The gauge option in now disabled/hidden (unless it’s an old panel with it already enabled) . #18610, @ryantxu
  • Stackdriver: Add extra alignment period options. #18909, @sunker
  • Units: Add South African Rand (ZAR) to currencies. #18893, @jeteon
  • Units: Adding T,P,E,Z,and Y bytes. #18706, @chiqomar

Bug Fixes

  • Alerting: Notification is sent when state changes from no_data to ok. #18920, @papagian
  • Alerting: fix duplicate alert states when the alert fails to save to the database. #18216, @kylebrandt
  • Alerting: fix response popover prompt when add notification channels. #18967, @lzdw
  • CloudWatch: Fix alerting for queries with Id (using GetMetricData). #17899, @alex-berger
  • Explore: Fix auto completion on label values for Loki. #18988, @aocenas
  • Explore: Fixes crash using back button with a zoomed in graph. #19122, @hugohaggmark
  • Explore: Fixes so queries in Explore are only run if Graph/Table is shown. #19000, @hugohaggmark
  • MSSQL: Change connectionstring to URL format to fix using passwords with semicolon. #18384, @Russiancold
  • MSSQL: Fix memory leak when debug enabled. #19049, @briangann
  • Provisioning: Allow escaping literal ‘$’ with ‘$$’ in configs to avoid interpolation. #18045, @kylebrandt
  • TimePicker: Fixes hiding time picker dropdown in FireFox. #19154, @hugohaggmark

Breaking changes


There are some breaking changes in the annotations HTTP API for region annotations. Region annotations are now represented
using a single event instead of two seperate events. Check breaking changes in HTTP API below and HTTP API documentation for more details.


Grafana is now using Alpine 3.10 as docker base image.


  • GET /api/alert-notifications now requires at least editor access. New /api/alert-notifications/lookup returns less information than /api/alert-notifications and can be access by any authenticated user.
  • GET /api/alert-notifiers now requires at least editor access
  • GET /api/org/users now requires org admin role. New /api/org/users/lookup returns less information than /api/org/users and can be access by users that are org admins, admin in any folder or admin of any team.
  • GET /api/annotations no longer returns regionId property.
  • POST /api/annotations no longer supports isRegion property.
  • PUT /api/annotations/:id no longer supports isRegion property.
  • PATCH /api/annotations/:id no longer supports isRegion property.
  • DELETE /api/annotations/region/:id has been removed.

Deprecation notes


PhantomJS, which is used for rendering images of dashboards and panels, is deprecated and will be removed in a future Grafana release. A deprecation warning will from now on be logged when Grafana starts up if PhantomJS is in use.

Please consider migrating from PhantomJS to the Grafana Image Renderer plugin.

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after upgrade from 6.3.5 to 6.4 the singlestat background broken

Hello !
After uprgade from 6.3.5, ElasticSearch table panel is broken.
We use a “Raw document” metric, with table transform = JSON data.
In columns list, list is empty and Grafana cannot find any column in JSON, whereas in 6.3.5 it works fine.
Could you please to identify how to solve issue ?