REGEX in grafana

Anyone can provide any example on how to use regex in grafana? Im looking for regex extract instead of match return.
I have a string with US:111:222:333, but I just want to get 111 display…
Please help

Maybe this can help

Managed to get the regex work under variable. But I wish to display the regex output in a table or plot on a graph. Please advice how to do it in a table

On SQL or InfluxDB? Please add the type of the database.

influxdb… my datasource is influxdb.
Im able to get my regex working on variable, but wish to do regex on my data and display it on table instead of variable.

This is an example for regexp usage in measurement:


Hi Sancho,

I have something like this. I only want the measurement data in red circle. Not really sure on your example. can you provide more details?