Recommended versions of Grafana softwares for production, and docker driver


I would like some Grafana softwares in a non-critical but production environment and am looking for advice or information regarding recommended / best practices as to what versions of the different bricks to use.

Specifically I intend to use Loki, Grafana, and the Docker driver for Loki.

This question is addressed to Grafana teams as much as regular users.

What do you recommend as to what versions to use for Loki and Grafana? Do you recommend mostly keeping up with the latest release? Pinning a version that’s known to work and not bothering too much with updating except for security updates, and staying in maintained ranges?

What about the Docker driver? Do you consider it “production-ready”? If not how much so? Does it have a release cycle? Tags on Docker hub seem to only be available for commits on main. Would you recommend pinning it to a commit?