Reading data from external html into grafana

Hello I have ESP8266 boards running webservers to display stats. I would like to create panels for each one to read the html data they display then display in grafana. Is there a way to do this? The html code displays @@DEVICE@@ @@ID@@ etc etc. Thank you in advance.

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Remember that Grafana is a tool for visualizing time series data that is usually stored in a time series database (like InfluxDB), so you have to set up a time series database to store your ESP8266 stats.

This guide should get you started.

Here is another possible way to skip the MQTT+database and connect your HTML datasource directly to Grafana. Infinity plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

great ty!!! i think this is what i wanted. The ESP8266 runs a webserver that grabs these values i just want to take the values and visualie them in grafana I put the values i wanted in bold


Device information

Device type
Device ID
Free memory
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actually looking at the code from the webserver there is no class identified other than div class can i modify the html with a class I can pull from?

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I have no experience with that plugin. I suggest you create a thread on the infinity plugin github page with an detailed explanation of your issue and data.