How to populate HTML data to Grafana Ajax Plugin

Hi Team,

I have a html content that gets generated dynamically and i want to display the same in the Grafana. Manually populating the Ajax Plugin is not feasible. I understand that the Ajax plugin can be used for the same. My data source is InfluxDB. How can i send the html content to this plugin and what are the different parameters (image below) that have to be updated to get the data right?

I’m using Python to push the data to the Influxdb. example below -

The variable htmloutput contains the html data that has to be displayed.

client = InfluxDBClient(host='', port=8086)
json_body = [
                      "measurement": "MS1",
                      "tags": {
                              "Server": QA1,
                      "time": timestamp,
                      "fields": {
                              "HTMLCONTENT": htmloutput

Thanks in advance.