React Plugins - panel with id ... not found - Grafana in Docker

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get a very basic react plugin work in the Grafana in a docker. I followed the instructions from this link , I believe that I’ve done all I needed to do.

this panel is registered.

the plugin.json looks like

the module.tsx looks like

but when I tried to use the panel, Grafana says panel with that id not found.

What I expect: The panel can be found and shows “Hello from my panel 111”
Grafana version in docker: Grafana v6.3.1
Grafana/ui version: @grafana/ui@6.4.0-alpha.44-ead2d6e88

any hint?

same issue … documenation is bad !!

finally managed to get it working …
Some issues that i had faced (might help others)

  1. we need to do yarn build or yarn watch to generate the js output files in dist directory of the source files. Run Yarn build Command from the plugin directory. Install Yarn /NPM/Nodejs etc. if not done.

  2. I had issue with webpack windows path… you can see the exact error using yarn watch command …

  3. Clear browser cache to make sure the latest changes to plugin are picked up by Grafana .

Hope this helps !!

glad to hear you got it! thanks for it. my case was because of the version inconsistency. I thought that the Grafana version was v6.3 but it was actually 6.0, which is why it didn’t work. Sorry for forgetting to get back to this post.

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