Can't build a panel plugin

Hi everyone,
I have Grafana installed locally on my pc, and I want to build a panel plugin.
I’m following the instruction given in the documentation (Build a panel plugin | Grafana Labs) but it seems like Grafana doesn’t recognize my newly created panel.

I’m writing here, for completeness, all the steps I made:
1. set the plugins property to the path of my grafana-plugins directory
2. In the plugin directory I run this command: npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:create my-plugin
3. change directory to my-plugin
4. installed dependencies with the command yarn install
5. build the plugin with the command yarn dev
6. restarted the grafana server

What am I missing here?

There may be a few points that could be getting wrong. Let me try to help you:

  1. Is the folder of your plugin in the Grafana Plugin folder? (Although im not sure if the way i do it is the standard or best practice, i usually have a plugins folder inside the data folder which contains all plugins)
  2. If your plugin folder is in correct place, your grafana server might complain that your plugin is not signed. Either you can sign it or, for testing purposes, you can go to the config file and explicitly tell grafana to skip the signing verification for your plugin

If you need further assistance, please let us know

The plugin was not signed and in the log it actually said there was a problem with the unsigned plugin.