React Panel Plugin: How to get access to grafana internal services?

I want to get some dashboard service (timeSrv for example), but there is no such servise in the @grafana/runtime/services. What is the legal way to get them to my plugin code?

And one more spesific question:
I want to set up dashboard time range from within my panel plugin so I’m going to use timeSrv.setTime(). Is this a legal way to change dashboard taime range with new plugin API?

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up. I also need an answer to this question.

It seems like the TimeSrv has not yet been migrated to grafana/runtime and is only accessible within internal Grafana repo.

What’s your use case for accessing the timeSrv?

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I wrote the example use case in the question: I need to tune dashboard time range from my plugin code. The more simple example is month switcher

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Up … also need it …