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Dear All,

I am newbie in JS, React and Grafana. I have a task to make a plugin which provides a selecting option from InfluxDB. I can get the important datas from InfluxDB and I can print all the datas as record on the field. However I need to use checkboxes what I would like to select. I tried to read a lot of topic from here but somehow I can not figure out how to use checkboxes. I can print it but could not use it(does not be checked). I guess I do not get this props and render things properly, neither the built-in checkbox UI for Grafana. Somebody could send me an open topic, or help for a “hello world” checkbox usage ?
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Please check our docs on Checkboxes, which also have some examples on how to use them:

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Hello Alex,

Thanks for your help and link ! It was really helpfully. One more question ! It is possible to embed a dataspurce plugin into a panel plugin? Now I can use checkboxes what you sent me. On the other half of my project I have to make a query and send it to InfluxDB. Every checkboxes have an own descriptor name and which names have true checkbox state I have to filter with a query. Thanks a lot again!