Raspberry PI as a Grafana Kiosk


We’ve recently installed a RPI4 in our offices and connected it to a widescreen TV for monitoring purposes.
We’d like to have the ability to rotate through different dashboards with no human interaction, for that we use a Bash script running chromium in kiosk mode.
The cycling between dashboards is done by simulating keystrokes to the browser.

For auth we attempted using API key and a plugin to inject the Authrorization header to Grafana (ModHeader Chrome extension) with no great success - Grafana redirects to the home screen instead of the original link provided in the Chromium CLI.

Enabling basic auth is out of the question for security reasons.

Is there any other way that’s known to work ?


Would the playlist feature accomplish what you want?


does chromium support the extensions? if so, there is one called cycle i believe we do exactly what you are doing but with some old workstation hardware. We have a bunch of tabs open, then the cycle plugin just goes through each one.