Range and Threshold setting not persisting on templated panels

I make a dashboard variable with a query and then make a panel using that variable. I then generate a number of panels with Repeat for each value of the variable (and FWIW have the dropdown at the top selected for All of these variables).

My title settings, range and threshold settings of all the generated panels do not persist when I refresh the browser or log in an out and these revert to the values of the original panel. (The query settings do persist as expected - and interpolate for each of the values of the variable).
This is happening in Singestat and also now in D3Guage, I had it previously in Graph too.

When editing the source, I find that only the “thresholds” in the first (original) panel entry have any effect and the auto-generated panels inherit this value.

What I expect is that each of the thresholds that I define for the generated panels persists.

Is this a known issue or should I be doing ti differently?

ver. 5.4.3

Thanks for any help!

You should only make changes on the source panel (first) when you use repeated panels. The repeat will use the first (original) as a template.

We should stop edits from being possible on the clones, so that’s kind of bug in Grafana.

Thanks Torkel. I figured that I was bending your intention of templated panels and since changed my approach. Yes, a good idea to prevent masochism as I subjected myself to :wink:

Breaking the rules of this forum, a followup question: Is there any formal documentation for the json schema of the entire dashboard? Or is it not encouraged to work on the json source at all?

Thanks for giving us Grafana!