Rabbitmq message in queue

i have configured rabbitmq and successfully getting data in grafana. but how can i see the “message in queue matric” in grafana. Any help would be appriciated


Please include more information for us to be able to help you.

What data source are you using, e.g. influxdb, graphite, elasticsearch, prometheus?
How are you getting data into that data source from rabbitmq, e.g. telegraf, collectd, prometheus exporter?


Thanks for the reply. here are the details of my setup.

  1. data source: graphite
  2. I am using collectd to send data to graphite.

below is the configuration file.

  Globals true

LogTraces true

Interactive false

Import “collectd_rabbitmq_monitoring”

# Adjust these parameters for your install:

interval 10

host "localhost"

port 15672

username xxxxxxx

password xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LoadPlugin write_graphite

<Node "x.x.x.x">

	Host "x.x.x.x"

	Port "2003"

	Protocol "tcp"

	LogSendErrors true

	Prefix "collectd.x.x.x.x.x"

	StoreRates true

	AlwaysAppendDS false

	EscapeCharacter "_"



If the collectd_rabbitmq_monitoring are extracting the data you’re looking for it should be rather easy for you to find the metric using Grafana and Graphite. If not, you have to modify the collectd_rabbitmq_monitoring or start using some other plugin that supports what you want.

I can see that you created an issue over at https://github.com/akrzos/collectd-rabbitmq-monitoring/issues/5 (or I think it’s you). I think you have better luck getting an answer in the issue than here.


yes i am getting the data in grafana graphite from rabbitmq. but i want to see the message in queue as well. dont know much about this. so looking for some help.

Yeah but does the collectd_rabbitmq_monitoring extract and store the message in queue to graphite? If not, I cannot help you.



Hi, I need to setup RabbitMQ for monitoring in Grafana. Could you please provide detailed documentation, so that i can follow the same steps and get the data in Grafana from RabbitMQ.

Thank You.