Question about screenshots


I’m just about ready to submit my new datasource plugin for review. The validator mentioned I needed screenshots, so I added a couple of them. I put the PNG images in src/img, and I referenced them in plugin.json. The validator is happy.

My question is…where do those screenshots end up? I tried referencing them in src/, and the validator complained about the relative links (said they need to be absolute).

Do the screenshots automatically show up in the Grafana plugin catalog somehow? This isn’t immediately obvious to me…thanks in advance!

Hi @dcheckoway the screenshots will be displayed in the Plugins Catalog. For example check this plugin Synthetic Monitoring plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

The images you see first are the ones defined in the screenshot field


Thanks, I appreciate the clarification!

Another small clarification, in the plugin.json for the screenshots field - that should be a relative link. In the readme - as the validator complained - it should be absolute.

Example - and

Thanks @davidharris! Makes sense. I had forgotten that I could reference the screenshots via their absolute GitHub URL. Still actually on a branch, but once it’s merged that’ll totally work. Appreciate it.

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