README, relative links, screenshots

I want to include images in the README. I put the images into the src/img folder and include links to those images in the README. ‘plugincheck’ says:

  "level": "error",
  "message": "README contains a relative link",
  "details": "Relative links are not supported by Grafana and results in broken links wherever we display the README. Please convert `/img/data-source-config.png` into an absolute link."

Well, an absolute link to where? Back to the Github repository? That doesn’t seem like a good idea.

plugin.json includes a ‘screenshots’ section. What is that for? How are the files in that section used? Obviously, I’m not allowed to include a link to a ‘screenshot’ in the README.

It appears that there is no legal way to include screenshots, that are included in the release itself, in the README.

Is that correct?