Query's result in a single table

Hi, I need to put in a table the result of two queries (Mysql). I’ve tryed several methods but without great result.
I need to have the average and the max value of two variable, organized like this:

Today value    | max variable1 | avg variable2 
This mont value | max variable1 | avg variable2
This year value | max variable1 | avg variable2
Overall value    | max variable1 | avg variable2

“Today value” are in a A_table, the others in B_table within the same database.
For the overall value, “max variable1” is the sum of the max value of each year
More over It would be nice have a title reporting the last refresh of the table.
Here is the result I’m trying to reproduce, more or less.
Many thanks

Hi @donatod

What have you tried so far and how close have you come to your desired result?

Hi Mattabrams. I tryed with single stat, or putting together the queries trying to reduce. But with not a big result. At the and I installed html plugin and used it.
Bytheway, could you please help me in this?

Start small, let’s say with the maxVariable1. Using the query you have in place, are you able to use the Calculation dropdown to produce the maxVariable1 over the given time period?

Using a Stat Panel, I am envisioning something like this:

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Yes Grant, it’s not a problem using a single stat panel for each value.
But putting together several Stat panel in the dashboard (one underneath the other) the result is not that great. For this I thought at the html panel. What I would like to reproduce is exactly what I posted in the picture.
I have a query for each value and I would like even to show the last refresh time

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