Query with "where" in "timeline"

Hello Guys.

i am new with grafana, my question is, how can i do a query, where i can selecting all time currently elapsed ( or total time) excluding any interval tags or simplly any tags?
something how : "SELECT totalTime FROM graph WHERE ‘id’ = ‘Y’ WHERE time != ‘tags’ ", in variables section.
I thank the attention.

I think this will fulfill your question

StartTime as time,
where FullPath in ($SFullPath) AND Conv in ($Conveyor) AND Area in ($Area)
StartTime ASC

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“FullPath”, “Conv” and “Area” are relative to what?
the “time of graph” is stored in Grafana_MachineState ?

i need something how: time interval from start to “now”( elapsed time) without the time range of the annotations in graphs, or just know how calculate elapsed time in graph.

I just posted a query structure
Fullpath and Conv are the names of columns which are stored in Grafana_machinestate again i used this name as a examples no such table is stored in grafana. Take this query just an example.

Read this

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Issue resolved or not?

I understood, would you know where the graphana stores elapsed time data, whether it is in grafana.db or in the browser’s web storage? if i have access to this data, i can do the calculations i need (MTBF - mean time between failures).

Thank you very much in advance