Query to add re-scaled graph from the same metric

Hello there,
I need to add an additional graph on the same plot already visualizing two graphs from two devices measuring the CO2 in two different rooms (metric1–> Co2AulaMonitor and metric2 → Co2AulaNoMonitor). I need the third graph to have re-scaled values from the first metric (Co2AulaMonitor), like 2.5*Co2AulaMonitor_values.
How to change the query below which is working fine for the two separate metrics and create a third metric from the first one?
Thanks a lot for any support, Alex

code I have:

–CONCAT('co2 ', SPLIT_PART(“Path”, ‘/’, 3)) as metric,
when SPLIT_PART(“Path”, ‘/’, 3) = ‘Co2AulaMonitor’ then ‘CR with alarm’
when SPLIT_PART(“Path”, ‘/’, 3) = ‘Co2AulaNoMonitor’ then ‘CR no alarm’
else SPLIT_PART(“Path”, ‘/’, 3)
end as metric,
CAST(“Value” AS float) AS value,
( select *, CAST(“Time” AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) AS time
from “$schemaName”.“ElaboratedData”
WHERE “DeviceMetricID” IN (
SELECT “ID” from “$schemaName”.“DeviceMetrics” WHERE “Path” like ‘%aula-sicura%co2_asis’)
AND CAST(“Time” AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) between ‘${__from:date}’ and ‘${__to:date}’
AND “Value” is not null and “Value” <> ‘null’
INNER JOIN “$schemaName”.“DeviceMetrics” DM on ED.“DeviceMetricID” = DM.“ID”
order by
time, metric