How to make an addition of two metrics


i have thre pairs of values

  • java young/old heap max
  • java young/old heap commited
  • java young/old heap used

and i want to make overlapped single graph with the addition of this value pairs to have in fact three values to visiualize.
How to make this.

What time series database are you using?

Im using Elastic5 as Databackend and the data are coming all from the same index.

I have two separate inlfuxdb queries and I need to add the result of each together to display in a panel.

have you done it so far? i’m pretty interested as i would like to do it as well (i lately search for best post cycle therapy supplements just to be able to focus and make it all faster). thanks. any updates deeply appreciates.

You can try GoshPosh/grafana-meta-queries plugin.
Not sure it is in official grafana plugins repository though.

It is in the official repo: