Query metrics tab doesn't work! HELP

I need your help.

The problem that i will describe below has occured when we upgraded to Grafana version 7.5.3 and JSON plugin version 0.2.4.

I am using JSON plugin for my timeseries data graphs. I also use Node-RED as a “middle ground” to pass my JSON qeury requests into my database and then pass the results back to Grafana.

When i refresh a dashboard with my panels, everything loads as it should. I can even inspect my panel query element and refresh the query to get the new response. The query request is sent inside of object “target” (picture below).

The problem occurs when i try to edit my panel. That’s when my query dissapeares and the metrics tab doesn’t show any options to select from (picture below). When i try to write new query inside the metrics tab, it doesn’t saves it. Also when i then try to inspect the query element for the panel the same way i did before, it says “No request & response collected yet. Hit refresh button”. If i refresh, it sends an empty query request inside of the object “target”.

Obviously something is wrong with either Grafana deleting my query out of the metrics tab, or the problem is in the JSON plugin itself. Can anyone give me any feedback related to this problem and how can i try to fix it?

Thank you in advance.

It seems like you have already found the right place to ask this question: Query metrics tab doesn't work · Issue #172 · simPod/GrafanaJsonDatasource · GitHub

Let us know if you need more help with this.

Yes, I found that problem occured because of the plugin not Grafana, so I reported an issue there on their GitHub.

Also anyone facing the same error, they already noticed this problem and are working on fixing it in the future updates. Discussion is going on in the following issue: Can’t assign a variable to the Metric field #154

Thank you for your reply.

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