Query Frontend use case

Can anyone tell me the benefit of using query frontend.
As mentioned in docs One of the most important functions of the query frontend is the ability to split larger queries into smaller ones, execute them in parallel, and stitch the results back together.

But we can achieve the same query splitting feature using limits_config parameter split_queries_by_interval so what other benefits does query frontend provides or am I missing something?

I am not sure what you mean. Without query frontend query slitting wouldn’t work. Even when you are running monolithic mode or simple scalable mode you are still running query frontend.

Whether query frontend is configured properly has to do whether query splitting is “properly distributed” to all queriers.

So does that mean the query frontend is always running behind the scenes?

But in docs it was mentioned that The query frontend is an optional service providing the querier’s API endpoints and can be used to accelerate the read path.

My deployment mode is simple scalable and I am trying to speed up the read path, and for that looking in the query frontend.