Pull out labels from prometheus metric

Hi guys,

I’ve already spent a lot of time , but still have no solution.
My Prometheus instance stores some metrics, where the relevant information saved as labels and not as metric value:

kube_deployment_labels{deployment="sdc", instance="cfor-aks-dev", job="metrics-forwarder", label_app="sdc", label_app_kubernetes_io_managed_by="Helm", label_chart="sdc-5.17.2-HF01", label_heritage="Helm", label_release="sdc", namespace="dev-workloads", project="C4R"}

I managed to pull out the value of label_chart and visualize it in Grafana panel table,so it looks like this now:

But since the value of “label_chart” is too long (sdc-5.17.2-HF01) i want to extract and visualizing in Grafana only the 5.17(without sdc and HF).
The option “Value Mapping” does not solve my problem because i have to map a lot of values if my table contains many rows.For 3-4 values is not big deal but for 1000 it is imposible.

Is there any transformation or extracting based on regex possible?

Thanx a lot in advance


regex-based value mapping will ship with Grafana 8.2 TOMORROW! :grafana: :tada:

See this post for more details on how to test it in 8.2-beta and how it works: