Public Dashboard Grafana in external link without login [TUTORIAL]

After reading many threads on different websites, I was able to solve my problem.

I wanted to make one of my dashboards public so that people at my company can see it without logging in.

This dashboard was made using ZABBIX.

First thing:

  • Leave Anonymous

open grafana.ini

vim /etc/grafana/grafana.ini

and change the values

# enable anonymous access
enabled = true

Don’t forget to remove the “;”

Restart Grafana-Server

Copy the access link and send it to people within the company.

If you get a connction refused error, modify the same file grafana.ini

# disable creation of admin user on first start of grafana
;disable_initial_admin_creation = false

# default admin user, created on startup
;admin_user = admin

# default admin password, can be changed before first start of grafana, or in profile settings
;admin_password = admin

allow_embedding = true

It worked for me.

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nice work :+1:

curious–can you share what Grafana version you tested this on?

I’m using Grafana v8.3.1

And my Zabbix server is 5.0.18

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I have Grafana.ini edited just like those, but Firefox does not want to open the inserted graph, you need a new window. There is no need to log in but it does not appear straight. It is interested that it doesn’t do it on older Grafana, but it doesn’t. I’ll give the links. | Benyho rosnička - amatérská meteorologická stanice | | Benyho rosnička - amatérská meteorologická stanice |

Hi there, how exactly did you manage to get the embedded graphs to work on your website? I’m trying to do the same thing, but I have to host grafana on a Pi and use ngrok to open a http tunnel. Did you have to do the same or is there some secret to this? Thanks!