Provisioned dashboard doesn't appear in the UI, no errors

I have a provisioned dashboard that correctly resides in a folder from which other dashboards are picked up. However, this one dashboard doesn’t appear in the Web UI of Grafana and also no errors are logged.

I took a look at the sqlite file for our installation and what I see is that the dashboard is contained in the dashboard table:

select id, title, created, updated, updated_by, is_folder from dashboard;
12|Database Consistency Alerting|2020-03-10 08:00:58|2020-03-29 12:06:23|-1|0

and also in the dashboard_provisioning table:

select * from dashboard_provisioning;

Any idea what could be causing this behavior?

Alright, nevermind. A datasource was missing and I somehow overlooked the error messages, which I assumed to belong to a different dashboard.