Promtail and apache2 logs

Hi all,
Upgrading fron grafana 5.x to the last release (6.2.4), i have to manage the new Explore fonctionnality.
Loki and Promtail are installed (docker images) and that works fine (seeing my “varlogs” in Grafana)
But i just want to add apache2 logs in my promtail.
I add this configuration to docker-config.yaml :

  • job_name: apache2
    • targets:
      • localhost
        job: apachelogs
        path: /var/log/apache2/*.log

        No error in Grafana but no logs and no track of apache2 logfile in Grafana.
        What do i miss ? Where am i wrong ?
        Thanks in advance,
        Best regards.
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I am also facing the same issue. tried many combination but promtail doesnt read the file.