Prometheus Datasource UID problem in Grafana

I’m deploying Prometheus-Grafana via Containers, and its all working however when I wanna set custom prometheus UID it won’t set it .

- name: Prometheus
  type: prometheus
  access: proxy
  url: http://prometheus:9090
  uid: "JOSE3g9KVz"
  user: ""
  database: ""
  basicAuth: false
  basicAuthUser: ""
  basicAuthPassword: ""
  withCredentials: false
  isDefault: true
     tlsAuth: false
     tlsAuthWithCACert: false
    tlsCACert: ""
    tlsClientCert: ""
    tlsClientKey: ""
  version: 1
  editable: true

I need to set UID as I have dashboards that have require it, is there other way to set it ?

When I set it like this, and I put same UID in Graphs in Dashboard its not working saying UID is wrong.