Prometheus alerts when Memory reaches 85 % in Grafana

Set alerts for when Memory reaches 85 % in grafana , datasource using : prometheus

Please share the query how to create dashboard for memory usage in %.

Hi @gourabkumar,

Thanks for opening this post.

Well, you can use any Prometheus query to measure the Memory. For e.g. I found this link useful while testing to answer on this post.

This is how it looked like when using the Stat visualization;

Since I have installed node_exporter on 2 machines that is why it give statistics for 2 machines but should also work fine on a single node machine.

Then to create an alert I made a small screencast as it can help you to create of your own. In my case, I set the alert when it is above 30%


To further polish the template e.g. in the slack you can follow the following post as how to improve it.

I hope this helps.

@usmanahmad the value of alerting and resolving coming same. Why.

@gourabkumar ,

Well, I am not sure what is the query you setup and also what parameters you defined for alerting. If you are new to alerting then I kindly suggest you to have a look at the following links as it describe a good example of how to setup basic alerting.


I hope this helps.