Prometheus/Alertmanager association missing in 9.5

Our organization is currently still using Grafana 9.2. Last week I started playing with the Alertmanager integration to get the Prometheus Alertmanager working via Grafana. We use provisioning, so I got the following configuration working.

apiVersion: 1

-   name: PROMETHEUS
    uid: crunchyprometheus
    type: prometheus
    access: proxy
    url: http://localhost:9090
    isDefault: true
    editable: false
    orgId: 1
    version: 1
        manageAlerts: 'true'
        alertmanagerUid: crunchyalertmanager
    manageAlerts: true
-   name: Alertmanager
    uid: crunchyalertmanager
    type: alertmanager
    url: http://localhost:9093
    access: proxy
        implementation: prometheus
        handleGrafanaManagedAlerts: false

The one thing I figured out that I thought was really neat was being able to silence the alerts directly from the Alert Rules interface by associating the Prometheus datasource with a specific Alertmanger datasource.

The next task was that we are also looking to update to Grafana 9.5. So I went to see if this same feature worked. It doesn’t appear to be associating the Alertmanager with Prometheus anymore. Either upgrading this one or setting up a new, clean system. Looking in the webUI I noticed in 9.5 that while the Manage alerts via Alerting UI option is still there, the option to choose a specific Alertmanager to associate with that Prometheus is gone. And the silence button is also missing, so I can only assume the two are no longer associated

Didn’t see anything in release notes about this changing and the doc reference for the JsonData is still the same.

Anyone know what happened here or can provide guidance on how to get this feature working in 9.5? We don’t have version 10 available to test right now, so not sure if it’s been fixed there.

Just giving this a bump to see if anyone has an ideas before I report this as a bug