Problems with displaying zabbix problems using variables and annotation

Hello. I’m trying to create timeseries panel, which is using zabbix datasource with:

  • variable $host in host field,
  • standard text item named ‘A’.

$host variable is blocked from selection. I’ve created row in dashboard which repeats $host variable for mentioned panel.

That configuration displays 4 panels (because variable $host discover 4 hosts) and it works as I expected. The problem is that I also want to display Zabbix problems on these panels per host.
So I’ve created annotation which is discovering problems with ‘A’ item but only for entered static host name - and It is displayed on all 4 host-panels. When I’m trying to use $host variable as host value in Annotation it doesn’t discover any problem.

I didn’t found a way to display 4 dynamic panels that could contain timeseries value of ‘A’ item with triggered problems. Maybe there’s other way to visualize it.

I’m using 8.1.3 version.