Problems on Forms (LegacyForms) migrations


I wrote a tiny plugin with React several days ago. Today after upgrading my Grafana to v7.0.0, it stops working. There is a breaking change notice in CHANGELOG, suggesting me to rename all occurrences of Forms to LegacyForms, which inevitably requires upgrading @grafana/ui dependencies as well.

I supposed that the UI components package be bundled by Webpack so the compatibility is maintained automatically between major versions of Grafana. But now I realize that it seems not so.

So, how can I maintain the backward compatibility of my plugin to make it work for both 7.x and 6.7.x? Or do I have to maintain two branches (it is the common practice)?


I think maintaining two branches would be the best approach.

Just for reference, here is a Github issue with this problem

/Tobias Skarhed