Problems creating a 2nd playlist

Helo guys.

I’m facing an issue when I’m trying to create a 2nd playlist. The image bellow is the output error from grafana:

This next image is regarding the conf page from the playlist:

On the other hand, when I delete the 1st playlist, it let me create without any error. But again, when I’m trying the 2nd, it pops up the error.

Any ideas?

What version and on what OS?

Hello, and thank you for the reply. The OS I’m current working is Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, and the grafana version is 8.4.5. I’m sorry for the lack of information :slight_smile:

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any reason you cannot upgrade to see if that solves your issue or install a parallel latest version of grafana and see if it works there?

I had another machine that used the same version and It worked fine. The reason I didn’t upgrade was because I had previous dashboards created that I was not able to import in the new version. And with the pressure to have the platform online, I just recreated the same scenario as before.

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gotcha. by the way, the upgrade route does not require any sort of imports of dashboards.

Could you please post related error from grafana logs? Might have more details

This is the log generated after trying to creat a new playlist:

I still have the same problema. Can anyone give some inputs? :slight_smile: