Problem with the BT Trend Box plugin

Anyone else using this plugin successfully?

I tried to upgrade from 0.0.3 to 0.0.4 and it broke and now an attempt to install either 0.0.3 or 0.0.1 fails

# grafana-cli plugins install btplc-trend-dot-panel 0.0.4
installing btplc-trend-dot-panel @ 0.0.4
from url:
into: /var/lib/grafana/plugins

Error: ✗ zip: not a valid zip file

   Grafana cli plugins install - install <plugin id> <plugin version (optional)>

   Grafana cli plugins install [arguments...]

Any ideas?

The Trend Dot panel is marked as deprecated and no longer maintained. I’ll check and see what the latest version is and if we messed something up there when it was deprecated.

Thanks Daniel,
I’ll shoot around the various Grafana instances that we have and remove it.


Just checked why it is not working. The reason is that BT have removed the plugin code but we still have an entry for it in the database.