Problem with Stat with Sophos XG v19.5

Hello everyone, how are you, hope you are all well!

Lets begin:

Im using Grafana 9.3.6 (latest) with Zabbix 6.0.12, firewall is a Sophos XG 106 with firmware v19.5. Using templates on zabbix of Sophos v18 MIB
What i’m trying to do is monitor via snmp some of our customer’s firewalls.
Everything is working fine, except this three things:

-Serial Number

This is zabbix’s item
As you can see that zabbix CAN do the snmpget on the host, it brings the value.

On Grafana already tried everything, always return No Data
Stat (Time series, table)
Singlestat (Time series, table)


If you guys could help, i appreciate