Problem with multi-value custom variable in query

Hello, my problem is the following, I have a custom variable ( server_ip) multi-value with the values ​​,, (also enabled Include All option), and another constant variable ( port_node_exporter), I do the following query to node_exporter: sum (rate (node_network_receive_bytes_total {device = ~ “eth. *”, instance = ~ " server_ip: port_node_exporter", environment = “$ environment”} [5m])), so that this query It works correctly, we need “instance = variable: port”, when I select a single ip the call is made correctly, but if I select the ALL option to add the values ​​of all the ips, the call instead of being … instance = ~ “ + +” is done as follows … instance = ~ " + +, the port is only added to the last ip.

Does anyone know any way to solve this with custom variables, or some alternative to add the result of the query for all ips using this multi-value variable and the port variable?