Problem when creating alert rule


I faced a problem when I was creating alert rule like below.

By viewing details on Chrome Developer window, I can see this error occured.

"{“Error”:“invalid time range: invalid begin: ‘Invalid date’: parsing time “Invalid date” as “2006-01-02T15:04:05”: cannot parse “Invalid date” as “2006"”}”

I configured time zone setting as “Default” in preferences. And metric query is following,

clamp_max(((avg by (mode) ( (clamp_max(rate(node_cpu{instance="$host",mode!=“idle”}[$interval]),1)) or (clamp_max(irate(node_cpu{instance="$host",mode!=“idle”}[5m]),1)) ))*100 or (avg_over_time(node_cpu_average{instance="$host", mode!=“total”, mode!=“idle”}[$interval]) or avg_over_time(node_cpu_average{instance="$host", mode!=“total”, mode!=“idle”}[5m]))),100)

Please advise me how to configure correctly for alerting. I will post more information if needed.


============ Additional Comment ==============
Anybody know from when Prometheus provide using template variables on alert?

I think this problem started from template variables issue.

Template variables in alerting are not supported in Grafana currently. There are some links in Github explaining it.