Problem cannot acess grafana via browser

Hello, guys

I have installed Grafana several times without problems, but it is showing the following error:

I installed grafana on a ubuntu 20.04 according to offical website as I always did, but I can’t access it via browser with http: // ipserver: 3000, returns ERROR_CONNECTION-RESET
The ini configuration file is default, I have already tried to change the port, there are no error messages in the logs and the service is active running and there is no selinux or firewall active.

Can you help me?

Best Regards

Hi @davcourt,

  • Are you running 20.04 locally or remotely?
  • Did you install Grafana via Docker? apt? tarball?
  • what happens if you run curl -v http://ipserver:3000 from the command line?
  • Can you examine your logs while you attempt a login? Anything of interest getting printed?