Power Meter graph is spiky or is just a increasing line

Ok. So im polling my Power Meter ever 60 seconds and due to the way that the powermeter works most of the polls will return the same value.

If i dont do any transformation grafana will return a ever increasing line.

And if i change to a transform i only se spikes as most of the delta values are 0 as my polling (every 60 seconds) is more often than the power meter acually changes values.

How would i go about to “connect” the “spikes” with a line to show a graf showing the acual values (spikes) and the calculated values (beween 2 spikes) and not showing any 0.

I have the powermeter in domoticz and the graph in domoticz shows the information as i would like the information to be displayed in grafana.

The datasource is influxdb and the input is provided by a cron:ed script running every minute

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Set a minimum interval that is equal to the frequency of your writes, like 1m for example.

You ca set the min interval in panel level in options (next to query inspector) or on global level in datasource options page